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Comprehensive Family Law

Hopkins-Laster provides comprehensive services in family law, which encompass divorce and custody law, child support agreements, adoption, termination and CPS matters. Whether you're planning to file for divorce and you're searching for more information on the best way to go about doing so or you're deeply involved in a complicated CPS case, the Hopkins-Laster Law Firm has the experience you need to build a strong case.
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As a divorce lawyer who works extensively in the CPS defense field, I, Dorothea Laster, understand what it takes to navigate the complicated government system that is intimidating to so many parents and custodial guardians. I'll help ensure that your rights are protected throughout the investigation and litigation process.

The Hopkins-Laster Law Firm also works extensively in general civil litigation, including registration of foreign judgments, Texas Fraudulent Transfer Act lawsuits and breach of contract issues. The firm also manages post-judgment motions and has helped many clients succeed with motions for a new trial.


Before receiving representation, a non-refundable retainer is required. The amount of the retainer varies depending on how far from trial you are. For a general civil litigation, there is a retainer of $5,000 while a $4,000 retainer is required in divorce and custody cases. Family law cases that are not highly complicated require a $2,500 retainer while appeals range in cost from $15,000 to $25,000.